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  • One day we had an idea. After exploring various possible names, we turned to a dictionary, and then another, and another, until we finally found something we liked:

    Memorando“Small notebook in which to write down things that one wants to remember.”.

    And that is the name we gave to the project but with a slight difference: Memorando is a notebook, but it’s a digital one!
  • A small but talented team who does not easily accept being told that something is impossible or cannot be done. Every member comes from a different country, has a different cultural origins, but they all have a similar way of seeing things in life.

    Together, we will give shape to an idea that we know is much needed although people are yet unaware of.
  • Yes, but that’s a good thing. If we all followed the advice of those who told us that our idea was crazy, no-one would ever be able to change the world.
  • You can, but where would you store it? Could the whole family access it? Could it be saved for future generations as easily without the risk of being lost? What quality would the video have? What about the emotional focus of the interview?

    At Memorando we have a team of dedicated professionals whose sole objectives are: to offer a top quality service to our clients (in terms of audio-visual and emotional focus), and to work so that families can always download their memories from any device.
  • It’s easy! The memory stored is about a member of your family or you personally. Perhaps one of your relatives would also be interested in sharing this memory and could help you fund it.

    Remember that if 30 friends contribute in 1€ each they could pay for another friend’s meal if he were short. It’s like a family crowdfunding!
  • Of course. What better present for your friends and family than to save and protect their most treasured memories! It will be a unique and exclusive gift!
    It will be a unique and exclusive gift!
  • Of course not! The memory is shared between you and the interviewee. If you want to give your memory download code to another friend or relative, you can do so at no additional cost.
  • Of course. The memory is private and, unless you decide otherwise, will never be made public. At Memorando we take the privacy of your memories and emotions very seriously.

    We use the best methods and protocols to guarantee that your memories will be safe and can only be managed by you.
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